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  REmote Guard SerVICES


Add this PTZ to your system and we will man it after hours for $1 PER HOUR!

  • Any activity will be zoomed in on and followed to determine its nature.

  • If activity is suspicious, we will provide an audio warning to trespasser. If the case ends with that we will log the incident and inform you of its occurrence.

  • If criminal activity follows, we will alert the proper authorities then you while continuing to provide 1st rate footage of the criminal activity and police intervention. We will then pull the footage and send a copy to you and the police.


Our job site safety specialist will log in to your camera system at random times everyday and verify that your workers are following your companies safety protocols. 

Snap shots of violations (such as the tennis shoes pictured above) can either be assembled as a daily report or immediately emailed to designated onsite/offsite managers.

$60/hr (daily limits preset by you)


What if your project is in an area where it is impractical or even impossible to utilize a permanent camera system? We manufacture and lease mobile surveillance options to bring the camera system to you.


No one likes talking about the worst case scenario and there is no scenario more gut wrenching than a gunman loose in a school. However, to have a real time window into a locked down or evacuated school is priceless. Is a shooter currently moving through the school? How are students and teachers reacting? Is there more than one shooter and if so, where are they now? How are they armed? What is the shortest route for law enforcement to head them off? These are all crucial, yet fluid, lifesaving details that law enforcement need to effectively deal with this type of emergency.


Your camera system can provide that window but lets face it, when seconds count and stress is high you need a camera system expert operating your system rather than just the occasional user. You need necessary technology in place and tested well ahead of time and then regularly re-tested and maintained to provide your best chance of effective utilization at the moment you need it most.

Our monitoring center has a dedicated hotline available to school systems for emergencies during regular school hours. During a time sensitive emergency such as an active shooter, fire, or missing child, our operators are on standby to provide quick login and real-time monitoring of your schools camera system providing lifesaving direction to first responders.

$500 yearly subscription for each school

$60 per hour during active monitoring

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