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Our monitoring center has a dedicated hotline available to school systems for emergencies during regular school hours. 




No one likes talking about the worst case scenario and there is no scenario more gut wrenching than a gunman loose in a school. However, to have a real-time window into a locked down or evacuated school is priceless. Is a shooter currently moving through the school? How are students and teachers reacting? Is there more than one shooter and if so, where are they now? How are they armed? What is the shortest route for law enforcement to head them off? Where are law enforcement officers in relation to each other? These are all vital details that change by the moment, and it is crucial that law enforcement receives the answers they need in a timely and clear manner.


Your school's camera system can provide that window, but let's face it, when seconds count and stress is high you need a camera system expert operating your system rather than just the occasional user. You need necessary technology in place and tested well ahead of time. You need the technology tested daily to make sure every piece is 100% operational. In short, you want to have the best chance of effective system utilization at the moment you need it most. 

Every morning all subscribing school systems are checked for proper operation and then put on standby so they can be reconnected at a moments notice. In the event of a 911 call being placed for someone shooting in a school, our operation center is contacted immediately by 911 operators after police are dispatched. In larger 911 call centers, we are contacted simultaneously. Our goal is to have the school systems camera up and our trained camera expert responding to offers frequency within 30 seconds. In other words, we aim to be feeding the officers information before they even arrive on-site.