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CODE RED | NEW Security Resource Designed For Schools

CODE RED | Security Resource Designed for Schools

According to data from Everytown for Gun Safety, which tracks gun violence on school grounds, there have been at least 94 gun-related deaths and more than 156 people injured as a result of more than 200 school shooting incidents since 2013. Sadly, this averages nearly one shooting per week. Across the nation, school districts are taking proactive steps to combat these sobering statistics.

One way they are doing this, is relying on security camera footage for real-time information during emergency situations. Linking this real-time information with a trained security camera expert is proving to be a dynamic resource for schools and law enforcement during an emergency situation. This dynamic resource is something many schools are adding their security toolbox. It comes in the form of an emergency hotline. A School Code Red Hotline to be exact.

“ In order to save as many lives as possible,

law enforcement needs every edge we can get”

Behind the hotline is a state-of-the-art monitoring system. Inside the monitoring system is an expert security camera operator. This operator is specially trained to remotely view and control school security cameras, all while communicating directly with law enforcement. Schools in West Virginia are the first to receive this type assistance. The hotline links first responders to valuable information during a time sensitive emergency, such as active shooter, fire, or missing child.

When seconds count, these security experts communicate directly with law enforcement providing fluid, lifesaving details to law enforcement. Crucial details such as, is a shooter currently moving through the school? How are students and teachers reacting? Is there more than one shooter and if so, where are they now? How are they armed? What is the shortest route for law enforcement to head them off? Communicating real-time details immediately, allows emergency workers to focus on what they do best, saving lives. Bobby Beltner, Police Chief of Grafton City, WV puts it best, “ In order to save as many lives as possible, law enforcement needs every edge we can get”.

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