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(Not So Obvious) FACTS about DUMMY Security Cameras

November 21, 2017


Last summer, I moved from a large city to a remote area in West Virginia. My summer adventures took me to a seemingly unnamed back country road. As I cautiously drove in and out of hills and hollers I couldn’t help but hear the gravel road, crunch beneath my tires and admire the way the sun beams danced among trees. Suddenly, veering around another switchback, my city girl heart began to race. As if out of nowhere, a large apparatus and two signs appeared. One read “Closed Circuit Television and Audio Monitoring on Premises”. The other had a picture of a gun and said “Prayer Is the best way to meet the Lord, Trespassing is Faster!” Yikes!  My mind was flooded with potential worst case scenarios, all plagued by a lack of cell service.



 Urged by my native WV passengers, I crept closer. Breathing a tremendous sigh of relief,  I realized the security apparatus was in fact an old flat screen TV mounted sideways to the truck of a tree. The screen was covered with a large mirror to look like a camera. My heart calmed. Whew!  While one must applaud the right brain ingenuity, converting an old flat screen TV into a fake security camera system, the whole thing just seemed like a big joke now. In fact, we all jumped out of the car and took a selfie with giant security TV and intimidating signs. While the majority of dummy security cameras aren’t homemade look-a-likes mounted to a tree, there are a few, not so obvious, things to consider before mounting a phony security camera.


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