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Since 2011 we have specialized in Security Camera Systems. Let us use our expertise to help you see what a camera system can do for you.


Our installers are truly exceptional, from pulling cable all the way to setting up smart phones to remote view your system, they excel in their profession. They consistently leave the job site clean and treat customers with great respect.


Technology is great when it works. What happens when it quits working? We argue with technology everyday and win. Let us fight the fight for you.


We manufacture several products to help you get security cameras where you need them.

We provide offsite security over-watch via our Remote Guard Service. Our security specialists will keep a watchful eye over your service area with the help of our state of the art surveillance technology.

Add a PTZ camera to your system and we will man it after hours for $1/hour

  • Any activity will be zoomed in on and followed to determine its nature.

  • If activity is suspicious, we'll provide an audio warning to the trespasser. If the case ends with that, we will log the incident and inform you of its occurrence.

  • If criminal activity follows, we will alert the proper authorities first, then contact  you. We will continue to provide first rate footage of the criminal activity and police intervention. If requested, we will pull footage and provide a copy to you and the appropriate authorities.



Is your project in an area where it is impractical or impossible to utilize a permanent camera system?

We manufacture and sell mobile surveillance options; bringing the camera system to you.



Our job site safety specialist will log into your camera system at random times everyday and verify your workers are following your companies safety protocols.

Snap-shots of violations

(such as tennis shoes, as pictured)

can either be assembled as a daily report or immediate alert to designated onsite/offsite managers.


*daily limits set by you




Our monitoring center has a dedicated hotline available to school systems for emergencies during regular school hours. During a time sensitive emergency such as an active shooter, fire, or missing child our operators are on standby to provide quick login and real-time monitoring of your schools camera system providing lifesaving direction to first responders.



We'd love to hear from you

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