5 Questions To Ask When Choosing Security Cameras


Whether you’ve just began your search or you’ve become a self proclaimed security expert, choosing the right security camera for your home or business is one of the most important security decisions you’ll make. Regardless of how many cameras you install, remember security footage is only as good as it’s cameras. Choosing security cameras that don’t meet your specific needs can be frustrating and expensive. If you are in the market for security cameras, asking these five questions will help you begin your search.

1. What’s your desired outcome, catching perpetrators or just keeping an eye on things?

If you own a business, you may seek to combat theft, perhaps even using video surveillance to help law enforcement catch a perpetrator. In order to do so, you’ll need to ensure your camera not only has the appropriate resolution but also frame rate. These two items of consideration are ever evolving as technology improves.

2. How important is capturing audio?

Audio can be an integral part of your security system. It can make it possible to communicate with potential perpetrators, providing high-quality, 2-way audio. If this is important to you, check out the specifications of your security cameras. Look for answers to questions such as, what is the delay when using 2-way communication? How is the clarity of the audio? Will you be alerted you when the audio surpasses a certain threshold?

3. What are the lighting conditions?

It may seem, a simple question such as this should be accompanied with a simple solution. Unfortunately, lighting conditions couldn’t be more complex. It’s important to choose a security camera model that works with your lighting conditions. Is the area you’re securing outside or inside? Do you have direct or indirect light? How will the change of seasons affect your lighting? Are there any surfaces that could cause a reflection or back-lighting which could cause glare? Thankfully there are a multitude of options, as well as ever improving technologies, to choose from ensuring you capture quality footage in a variety of lighting conditions.

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