THE GARY BOWDEN SHOW | Interview about CODE RED with Rob Lambert

The Gary Bowden Show, on the AJR News Network

Recorded: March 8, 2018

Gary Bowden: It's the Gary Bowden show on the Air News Network. All right. Next up on the show and in our studio. Spike, this is great. We've got guests lined up outside the door of the studio today. So many of our interviews are done on the phone. Rob Lambert joins us. Rob, thanks for coming in this morning.

Rob Lambert: Thank you.

Gary Bowden: Bright and early on a Monday Rob's the owner of Sentry Surveillance in Buckhannon.

Rob Lambert: Yes sir.

Gary Bowden: I wanted to make sure I got the location right because I know you're working with schools and other areas. The story, I think it was Valentine's Day here just a couple of weeks ago in Parkland, Florida of the school shooting has cast a lot of attention certainly on guns. Again, a big battles in the legislature in the state of Florida, a big battles again in Congress, but another huge story that always is talked about when we hear of one of these shootings is security and our schools are we protecting our kids? When you send that child off, you know, are they going to be safe? And God knows in this day and age, Rob, that has to be a scary situation for moms and dads. You're working with a program called CODE RED, which, and I'm going to let you describe it much better than I can, but it essentially lets you become in very quick fashion, we hope, a kind of an independent set of eyes that immediately is looking at cameras within these schools and can identify and provide information on where the shooter might be. Why don't you jump in and kind of tell us how CODE RED works then?

Rob Lambert: Well, obviously schools are starting to put in more security cameras, which is where we've kind of been brought into this and remote view is one of the things that we do. We not only sell set up school administrators where they can view cameras for other reasons, but we have actually assembled an operations center where we're able to actually log in on a school's camera systems within 30 seconds of being called. And we can provide overwatch support.

Gary Bowden: You would get a notified by nine one, one or law enforcement?