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School Shootings | Lessons Learned - Why Officers Should Be Armed With More Than A Gun

School Shootings | Lessons Learned | Why Officers Should Be Armed With More Than A Gun

The majority of mass shootings are over in under 10 minutes. In over 50% of these cases, officers arrived, during the attack, in under four minutes. Ideally, officers should be in the school and moving to intercept in under five minutes. This means law enforcement must jump out of their cruisers and rush into a school armed only with their service pistols against a heavily armed homicidal maniac. Sadly, over 50% of officers who move in to confront a shooter end up shot themselves. Unlike in movies, the good guys aren't the only ones who can shoot straight. To make matters worse officers often have no information or even false conflicting information about the situation they are rushing into. At this moment, the shooter has a tremendous advantage. But, is there something that can be done, to give law enforcement the upper hand?

In order to even the field, law enforcement officers must be armed with accurate, real-time information so they can engage the shooter as quickly and as safely as possible. If they are out gunned, they need to know it without sticking their heads out to look. While waiting for more officers to arrive, we must continue to balance the scales and find a way to inform officers about what is going on inside the school so they can divert the shooters attention away from unarmed children and staff.

What if there was a simple way for officers to see inside a school before they charge in?

CODE RED Remote Overwatch Support, a new school security resource, is doing just that. It is tipping the scales in favor of the officers in ways we can’t even predict yet. Intercepting a shooter as quickly as possible is the obvious benefit of CODE RED, but one less obvious benefit is the speed at which a school or at least portions of a school can be declared clear so EMS rescue teams can move in and begin victim treatment and extraction. Losing even more victims because of delayed EMS entry is a tragedy ranking just behind the attack itself.

Find out why schools and law enforcement are turning to CODE RED for help and how it’s giving students, parents and teachers peace of mind.

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