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Officer Performance | The Human Element

CODE RED | Officer Performance | The Human Element

It's not natural to run towards danger. It takes a lot of discipline and training. Our officers are not superhuman, nor are they immune to stress and fear. It is often said, officers put themselves in harms way without thought for their own safety. Is that really true? No, each and every officer who puts themselves in harms way to protect others is keenly aware of the potential consequences by running toward lethal danger. They do it in hopes their specialized training and gut instincts will bring them out alive.

Sadly in light of recent events, mass shootings are occurring all too frequently in schools requiring our officers to run towards lethal danger faster than ever. A mountain of uncertainty is created for these brave officers considering the limited time to collect information about the situation and surroundings before running in to a potentially life threatening situation.

The human brain is always searching for answers. In a life or death situation that search for answers becomes acute. Without answers our brain is left with uncertainty. In general, uncertainty just causes anxiety. When faced with life or death danger, uncertainty creates fear. The more uncertainty we face about a dangerous situation, the more fear we experience. The more fear we experience, the worse we perform physically and mentally. As fear ramps up we experience, at a minimum, adrenaline induced shaking. From there many experience visual and auditory occlusion, difficulty concentrating, and a loss of fine motor skills. The most extreme cases of fear can lead to temporary complete paralysis.

What if there was something that could provide officers with real-time, fluid information about the current situation before and during an emergency?

The more uncertainty (or fear) we can take out of the equation for our officers responding to school shootings the better! Our officers will physical and mental performance will reflect their best. Code Red Remote Overwatch Support provides officers with real-time, fluid information about the current situation before and during an emergency. This information eliminates a lot of uncertainty thus improving mental and physical performance. If you would like your school to receive more information about Code Red Remote Overwatch Support please let us know!

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