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Why Is The Meerkat Our Company Mascot?

Sentry Surveillance Logo Meerkat

If you've found yourself staring at our logo, head tilted to one side, eyes squinting to make-out the type of silhouetted animal....well, you're not alone. Most assume it's a ground hog or some type of marmot, but it's actually a meerkat. Why the meerkat you may wonder?

Meerkats are desert dwellers and are known to live with their large families in extensive underground tunnels. Each family group is lead by an alpha pair while the other family members fulfill various roles, such as babysitting or hunting for food. One of the most important roles a meerkat plays is that of the sentry, or watch guard. Is it starting to make more sense now? We hope so!

Sentry Surveillance - Meerkat - Sentry Definition

The sentry meerkat will stand on its hind legs, propped up by its tail, and act as a lookout while the rest of the family is outside looking for food and frolicking in the sun. The sentry stays on lookout, scanning the area for predators, including hawks, eagles, snakes and jackals. If a predator is spotted, the guard lets out a distinctive bark. At the sound of the warning bark, everyone sprints to the nearest tunnel entrance for cover. The sentry is the first to emerge from the burrow to check if the coast is clear. While there are gobs of interesting tidbits about meerkats, these few resonate with our company goals and mission. They are the reason we look to the meerkat as our company mascot.

We're striving to empower our clients with tantamount security camera expertise.. More importantly, like a sentry meerkat, we're striving to help our clients protect their most precious It's not surprising, Sentry's most recent endeavor, Code Red was designed by the owner of the company, Rob Lambert, and was created after seeing a need to help schools work closer with law enforcement during an active emergency. Finding new ways to protect ones family will always be of first priority at Sentry Surveillance. As a company and as a small business of West Virginia, our team of security camera experts are constantly looking to new technology to aid us in honing our sentry skills.

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