Code Red drills clear the hallways at Anna Jarvis Elementary School

Code Red Drills Clear Hallways at Anna Jarvis Elementary School Bobby Beltner Police Cheif Nicki Skinner

*Photo Credit: Mountain Statesman

GRAFTON—Shots rang out through the hallways and a Code Red lockdown was called at Anna Jarvis Elementary School. Minutes later, Grafton Police Department officers stormed the school in search of the gunman.

The scenario was a tense one, but was only part of an active shooter training held, on Saturday, by the police department

and Taylor County Board of Education, in conjunction with Sentry Surveillance’s Code Red Remote Overwatch Support program, to test the newly implemented program.

“The safety of the students is our number one priority,” shared Superintendent Kathy Green. “I feel like the cameras have added a piece of mind to what could be a horrific event.”

Before the training kicked off, Grafton Police Chief Robert Beltner told those in attendance about their teaming up with Rob Lambert of Sentry Surveillance.

"The overwatch support program is a huge asset to us, because it will allow us to know exactly where in the school the shooter is.” - Cole Durrett, Patrolman

“Rob got a hold of me back in August and had me come to the board office to check out the cameras that had been installed. It was decided he would implement a program where he could access the cameras from a remote location to assist during an active shooter or incident that would involve police, to help out,” Beltner shared.

Through careful training and cooperation, all entities involved would be able to communicate with each other, to better resolve a potentially deadly situation.