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5 Simple Ways To Prevent Employee Theft

1. View Surveillance As Your Right Hand Man

As security camera experts, naturally we feel utilizing a surveillance system is one of the best ways to deter employees from finding their hand caught in the cookie jar. While this is just our opinion, many sources back up our claim. Studies report organizations who have anti-theft methods in place, like surveillance and monitoring, have as high as 54% lower losses and have found these frauds were identified anywhere from 33.3%-50% more quickly than organizations without such detection controls. With that said, it’s easier to consider surveillance as an investment you’ll quickly recoup.

2. Dumpster Dive Lately?

Dishonest employees often steal merchandise by hiding it in outgoing trash and later retrieving it from outside trash cans or dumpsters. Consider switching to clear trash bags and require all boxes to be flattened prior to exiting the building. An easy fix to what some may call a “dirty” little secret.

3. Keep It Buddy Buddy

Another easy (and might I mention free) way to deter the opportunist is to require employees to work together during opening and closing. If need be, rotate the employees paired together. Doing so decreases the chances of an employee taking advantage of an easy opportunity.

4. Be A Friend

Even dishonest employees can experience a twinge from there conscience. As some smooth criminals have honestly remarked, stealing from someone you don’t know is easy, whereas stealing from someone you know is more difficult. So, as a note to employers, take an interest in your employees. Really get to know them. Are they going through financial difficulties? Could you give them extra work? Doing so fosters a good work environment with happy employees and will hopefully make it harder for them to steal from you. Remember, the age old saying, “a happy employee is an honest employee”.

5. Encourage Anonymous Tipping

Employees are more likely to report suspicious behavior of their co-workers if they have confidential and anonymous resources in place. “More than 43% of fraud is discovered by a tip,” reports FiduciaSolutions. If you’re wondering how to set this up, take a look at the company FiduciaSolutions. They offer a free anonymous tip line and posters urging employees to report internal theft. If you’re more of a DIYer, consider setting up an email address for tips. Employees know you take it seriously and others will be watching their behavior. It’s a win win.

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